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We are People Living with HIV in North America. We are part of a Global Movement. We are organizing and we will not be silenced. We are a network of people with a common identity despite our differences and diverse experiences.

As part of a Global Movement we have representation on the Global Board of GNP+ which is a Network of Regional Networks of HIV Positive people. Which enables us to work and collaborate with people on issues having a global impact.

We develop, support and nurture the development of actions and programs to promote the rights and quality of life of People Living with HIV.

The Board of Directors of GNP+ North America is made up of Leaders from our community.representing it in all its diversity.
We represent People Living with HIV in Canada and the United States of America.

Anyone living with HIV is eligible to be a member, to present themselves for a seat on the board, have their say and benefit from the experience of building a strong and proud community. To find out more click on the governance link below.


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Organizational Structure


Laurel Sprague Regional Coordinator (Currently on leave)

Executive Committee

Mike Sangster - Co-Chair (for Canada)

Terje Anderson - Co-Chair (for the USA)

Trevor Stratton - Vice-Chair (for Canada)

Robert Suttle - Vice-Chair (for the USA)

John Tenorio - Treasurer

Christian Hui - Secretary

Cecilia Chung - International Representative

Board of Directors Canada

Rodney Rousseau - At Large (CA3)

Robert Bardston - Prairies/Northwest Territories (PRA)

Maureen Achieng Owino - At Large (CA1)

Steve Ross - Québec/Nunavut (QC)

Christian Hui - Ontario (ON)

Mike Sangster - Atlantic (ATL)

Tyler Cuddahy - Pacific/Yukon (PAC)

Trevor Stratton - At Large (CA2) (Alternate Rep to Global Board)


Board of Directors USA


Margot Kirkland - (US3)

Cecilia Chung - California (US1) (Rep to Global Board)

Dee Borrego - Massachusetts (US4)

Tami Haught - Texas (US5)

John Tenorio - Colorado (US6)

Terje Anderson - Vermont (US8)

Robert Suttle - Pennsylvania (US2)

Tre Alexander - (US7)

Board Terms
Representation and voting is based on residency. i.e
Canadians vote for Canadians.
Americans vote for Americans

Canada (CA) 5 Regional and 3 At-Large Seats ATG.
Even years (ATL-Atlantic, ON-Ontario, CA1, CA2)
Odd years (QC-Québec/Nunavut, PRA-Prairies/NWT, PAC-Pacific/Yukon, CA3)
Regional seats are ideally pre-elected by regional caucuses. And ratified at the AGM.
This does not preclude nominations from the floor if a seat has not been filled by a regional caucus.

USA including Puerto Rico and US territories & possessions
(US) 8 At-Large Seats ATG
Even years (US2, US4, US6, US8)
Odd years (US1, US3, US5, US7)
Seats are elected at the AGM.